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Van Nicholas Front fork Truss-Ti Titanium

Compatible for Revelstoke frame
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Van Nicholas Single Sided Truss Titanium front fork, 481mm axle to crown length and with 45mm rake. Tapered steerertube 1 1/8"-1.5". Weight with steerer tube and bolts: 1400 grams. Designed for Revelstoke 27.5"+/29" frame, but compatible with some other frames. 27.5"+ tyres up to 2.8"/3.0". Also the forks support disc rotors up to 180mm. Finish: Van Nicholas Hand Brushed, Material: 3Al/2.5V, Rotor mount: IS, Axle: Lefty (The wheel is bolted directly to the fork axle via an allen bolt)
    Size (inch)
    1 1/8"-1.5"
    Brake type
    nothing looks, rides, lasts like a van nicholas