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FSA Headset Orbit IS (IS-2) Integrated with Cable Hanger

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Integrated Headset for 1-1/8" Steerer / Alloy Top Cover with Cable Hanger. Suitable for Amazon Cross frames.
If you have a cyclocross frame with a drop-in head tube, the Orbit IS-CX is the answer. It has the same bearings as the Orbit IS, but with a different top cover that includes routing for a front cantilever brake cable. Description & Materials: 1 1/8", 36° / 45° ACB, With barrel adjuster feature, With cable hanger for Cyclocross, For Ø45mm OD headtube, 1 1/8" steerer, Top cover: Alloy, Angular Contact Bearings (blue seal), Stack Height 16.5+1 = 17.5mm, Weight: 114gr.
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