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VP Blade Ti Pedals

The leanest Ultra-Minimalist Titanium pedal on earth!
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about this product
The VP Blade is super sleek, super lightweight, and super clean. It is a testament to simplicity in design, a minimalist pedal.
Using a lost-wax casting process, this pedal body features a slender titanium body with a forged/CNC machined ti axle. It rolls on LSL bushing and sealed ball bearings. Careful attention to form makes the thin structures feel and perform like a much more solid concave pedal. While the VP Blade has minimal surface area, it has pins in the right places to maintain grip. Body Material: Titanium 6AL/4V Spindle: CNC Machined Titanium 6AL/4V Axle Weight: 260g per pair
    nothing looks, rides, lasts like a van nicholas