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Yukon Rohloff Titanium Audax Frame

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Van Nicholas Frame Yukon Rohloff 3Al/2.5V Titanium Audax/Touring
Add the practically maintenance-free Rohloff system to the Yukon for an everyday machine that will devour the miles in style and comfort. Select the unique VNT Rohloff handlebar for ultimate practicality. Frame: 1810 grams (56cm) Included FSA headset and Bushnell Eccentric bottom bracket.
    Head Tube Logo
    ENGRAVED HEAD TUBE; Original Van Nicholas
    Frame Finish
    BRUSHED FINISH; Natural brightness
    Frame Tubing
    OPTIFORMED TUBING; Any size fit
    CNC MACHINED DROPOUT; High stress performance
    Bottom bracket
    ECCENTRIC BB; Tension adjustment
    Head Set
    INTEGRATED HEADSET; Lighter, stiffer
    Cable routing
    Drivetrain option
    ROHLOFF GEARING SYSTEM; Low maintenance reliability
    Belt Drive
    BELT DRIVE READY; No lube transmission
    Rack Option
    RACK MOUNTS; Load-carrying capabilities
    Fender Option
    FENDER MOUNTS; All-weather riding
    Bottom Bracket
    54.0/60.0 (ID/OD) x 60.0 mm Eccentric Bottom Bracket
    Seat Post Diameter
    30.9 mm Seat Post Diameter
    Seat Post Collar Diameter
    34.9 mm Seat Collar
    1-1/8" 45.0/41.2 mm (OD/ID) Integrated Headset
    Hub spacing
    135.0 mm Rear Hub Spacing
    7.0 mm thick CNC machined Drop Outs
    Brake system
    Caliper Brake Systems Only
    Belt Drive
    55 x 20 x 115T Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack Belt
    Maximum Tire Usage
    Maximum 28-622 (28 x 1.10, 700x28C) Tire Clearance
    nothing looks, rides, lasts like a van nicholas