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VNT Handlebar Alloy 6061 Drop Pinion-Rohloff

Divisible handlebar for Pinion or Rohloff shifter
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about this product
VNT Elements - This divisible drop handlebar is especially designed for the Pinion and Rohloff twist shifter
By making the handlebar divisible, the Pinion/Rohloff shifter can be easily mounted. Integrated reinforcing ribs allow a brake cable to run neatly beneath the shifter. Made from Alloy 6061 with a sandblasted black anodized finish. This bar has a clamp diameter of 31.8mm and is available in 40, 42 and 44cm widths. The width is measured CTC. Our design incorporates a Shallow bend with a low 133mm Drop and 85mm Reach, allowing for an easy low hand placement and improved comfort.
    Width in mm
    Clamp diameter (mm)
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